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Fundraisers & Charities

  • Treasurer and Board Member - Friends of the School of Performing Arts and Stage Two Opera, 1989-1997. Created both of these 501c-3 non-profit corporations.
  • Nationally recognized operatic tenor and fund raising performer for Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation, Child Cancer Fund, National Parkinson’s Foundation, Humane Society……
  • Wolfson Children’s Hospital – 2002-2009 – sing to sick & terminally ill babies every week
  • Flagler College Radio – 2004 - Present – live classical radio broadcaster with weekly program


Nothing gives me more joy in life then to help others, especially children in need.


Geronimo Classics, Inc. is a 501 c3 nonprofit corporation that was created many years ago to fund our/my charitable events. In the earlier years I handled everything myself and later on my brother Dennis and his wife Joan joined me and they remain today.

When I married my late wife Debbie, we were fortunate enough that she did not have to work if she didn’t want to. When she became disabled she decided to operate the charities which was great for me. However upon her passing and leaving me with her handicapped adult son, I no longer have the time to operate Geronimo Classics as I would like. This of course upsets me.

However over the last 25 years we have raised lots of money keeping in mind we mostly do concerts to raise needed funds and we operate with three people. I sat down one time and calculated the amount Geronimo Classics, Inc. has raised. The amount was a staggering…Half million dollars! We had concerts up north in which we raised $10 to $20 thousand a night! However here in Florida the ticket prices are lower and my genre of music is not as appreciated as it is in the New York area.


Finally here’s a list of some of the charities that have benefited from our successful fundraisers:


Wolfson Children’s Hospital


Italian Fraternal Organization




Give Kids the World


Sons of Israel Congregation


Dreams Come True Foundation


Basilica Cathedral Organ Fund


Children’s Miracle Network


Flagler College


St. Gerard House


Traumatic Brain Injury




Vets 4 Vets


Child Cancer Fund




St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital


Habitat for Humanity


Susan B. Koman Breast Cancer


Dana Farber Cancer Institute


American Cancer Society


National Leukemia Foundation


Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation


National Parkinson’s Foundation


Humane Society


Sons of Italy

National Marfan Foundation