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Published Books

1.    Incentive Economics for the New Era:

Allen-Bennington Book Publishers, Garnerville, NY. 10923
ISBN: 0-937884-06-5            1982

This book articulates a new, seminal, viewpoint in economic thought which has as its purpose the remedying of pronounced defects in our system of a mixed economy. We have an economy which is basically free market but is heavily deadened by massive regulation. Thus it does not behave either as a truly free economy or a totally planned one.

2.    Liberalism Exposed: Pickpocket Economics:

Brentwood University Press, Columbus, Georgia, 31907

Copyright 1987
This book presents in a humorous, sarcastic way numerous essays in free market economics.

3.    Marry for Money: You’ll Learn to Love Later:

Author House Publications, Bloomington, Ind. 47403
ISBN: 1-4259-0678-8                2006

Marry for money, you’ll learn to love later….and other great gems of wisdom from a life well traveled here on earth, all in preparation ( I hope !! ) for peace, love and harmony in the hereafter. These are the stories of one man’s travels through life and the lessons learned along the way!

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